‘How To’ Videos

Diameter at Breast Height

You can use diameter at breast height (DBH, stem diameter measured at 1.3 m from the base of the tree) to estimate the timber volume of a tree or a stand. The variation in tree DBH within a stand is a useful measure of stand structure. In this video, students show you how to measure DBH, with some mishaps along the way.

What to Wear in the Field

It is very important to be well prepared while doing field work. Appropriate clothing is important for staying comfortable, warm and dry. Too often people are ill-prepared for the weather and have a terrible time. Check out this video for tips of what and what not to wear in the field!

Soil Formation and Parent Material

This series of videos from SoilWeb will help the soil beginner understand how soil is formed and from what parent material. The series talks about Marine, Colluvial, Eolian, Cumulose-organic, Glacial, Till, and Lacustrine parent materials. It also touches on the formation of Kame, Eskers, Kettle holes and Deltas.

Soil Classification: Canadian Soil Orders

This series of videos talks specifically about the 9 soil orders of Canada: Solonetz, Regosolic, Podzolic, Organic, Luvisolic, Gleysolic, Cryosolic, Chernozemic, and Brunisolic.